Wednesday, October 29

Rent or Buy?

Would you prefer to buy referrals or rent them? Well, many or probably almost all PTC sites are selling their un-referred members. These members for sale are the one who sign up the program without a sponsor. Meanwhile, Neobux has this nifty idea of referral-renting instead of selling them. The good thing is, it only cost $0.20 cents per month for every referral and you can have a choice to dump lazy refs or stop paying the rent for the next month. Another cool feature is referral recycling. You can recycle your lazy referral for only $0.05 cent. Not bad though because in my experience, 95% of my recycled ref is replaced by an active one.

Meanwhile, if you buy a referral ( which is common in other PTC sites), the average price is usually set at $1.00 per referral and it is yours forever. These referrals are not guaranteed to be active and very few PTC sites allows replacement of inactive referrals ( I doubt the support if they can get your attention ASAP - well, good luck to you). Furthermore, bought referrals cannot be active for a long time. They get tired, you know. And the worst part, I hope they don’t end up having a carpal tunnel syndrome for clicking ads. Sorry guys.

Ok, let’s get back to Neo. Is it worth the 20 cents per month? “ What if I have a thousand of rented referrals - that’s $200 bucks/month, man!?” Fine, I heard you. So let’s do some basic maths here:

Average ads to be click by a referral is 3 ads or $0.03/day; if you’re a golden member you’ll earn 100% from your referrals or not, then it’s only 50%. In a month, a golden member can earn as much as $0.90 cents/ref or a profit of $0.70; while a standard earns from each ref in the amount of $.45/month or a profit of $0.25.

Now, I can hear you saying, “OMG!!! a month long waiting for 25 cents profit! That takes a lifetime for me to buy myself the cheapest game console!” Wait! Yes, you’re right - those are just peanuts. But remember what I told you in order to get truckloads of peanuts? I’ll remind you then - get plenty of workers to help you out. “How?” Gain referrals. Imagine you have 1000 rented referrals - that’s $450/month or a profit of $200. Not bad, huh? Gaining referrals need a little patience though. Just remember this: patience is a virtue.

Now, would you buy or rent?

My NeoBux Stats.

I joined Neobux last May 09, 2008. I’m one of the golden members in Neobux. I paid $60 (now $90) to become a Golden member last May 9, 2008 to be able to reap the benefits Neobux offers. It includes 100% referral earnings, cheaper referral rental ($0.20/mo. per referral), 10% commission on direct referral purchases and so much more to mention.

Become a Neobux Earner.

Being a neobux member is fun because you are earning while you spend only 5 minutes of your time in a day to view ads and get paid. It’s not much because you only earn few pennies and you might say, “it’s peanuts!” to what you might be earning right now. But wait! If you sum up your referrals’ peanuts and yours, how many pounds/kilos would that be by the end of the month? Furthermore, neobux has a great Admin and Support and it’s fun to be part of the forum community where everybody meets and discuss mind-like stuff. Ok , now you might ask again, ” Ayt fine, let me try this one…I have nothing to loose but 5 minutes of time, right? But how and where do I start?” Ok, here’s what you’ve got to do then:

1. PAYMENT PROCESSOR. First of all, get an Alertpay or Paypal account. It’s easy and free to join. These are payment processors or gateway to online payments. I suggest you open an account to both payment processors because you might eventually wanna join more PTC sites online and many PTC sites use either one or both payment processors.

2. GO TO NEOBUX.COM. To register for FREE, click HERE.

3. PLEASE READ TOS AND Help Section. Being a little informed will keep you from trouble. By the way, a few humour while reading the Help section will make your day a little better.

4. START EARNING! Click “View Advertisement,” start viewing ads for only 30 seconds and get paid!

Congratulations! Now you have few peanuts that could supplement your daily energy! You say: “…it’s not funny!!! I want more like a 10 pounds/kilos a day of peanuts!!!” Ok fine, you start whining.. but hey, let me remind you honey, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Here’s a thing, in order to get those loads of peanuts, you need referrals. You’ve got to have spend a little effort here to get referrals. But if you have money to spend, well, you can let your money talk then. Then that’s where neobux will come to make our life easy in getting referrals. They have this nifty service called rent-a-ref thing.

What is NeoBux?

Neobux is a paid-to-click (PTC) site. A PTC is an advertising website where advertisers pay for their websites to be viewed by a PTC members. The members who view and read the advertisements are get paid for pennies. Usually, a PTC has an average of 10 ads to be viewed and read by members. If a member view all these ads, eventually they get to earn money. So much more if the members has referrals. A member has a portion of earnings from their referrals. Thus, the more referrals you have, the more you will earn.

Among hundreds of paid-to-click sites, Neobux made it to number one slot in survey. Not just because they have a growing members that votes but also because of their instant payment feature. In other PTC sites, it takes hours or even days to get paid but in Neobux, your earnings will be credited in your paypal or alertpay account instantly. Paypal and Alertpay are payment processors or gateway to your online payments.

There are so many ways to earn money online but PTC is easiest way to earn and free to join. Moreover, Neobux is the most recommended right now. To become a member of Neobux, click HERE.


This is my first ptc site that i sign up to and i am glad that i did so.So let me tell you somethings about this great ptc.
So i get payed just for clicking a few ads a day.I get 0.01$ per click, when i saw this i say that is impossible to earn money here.But you can earn money by investing some dollars first.So rent first 100 referrals for just 30$ and get my golden pack for 60$ so in total i invest 90$. After 2 months i got 1400 rent referrals and receive so far over 400$.

It was a good investment? In my opinion , YES.

So if you want to get it a go, just click on my banner.